Sweet Williams Garden Services

Bespoke Design

For clients who wish to create a unique garden that perfectly fits their interests, lifestyle and vision. We work with you to create the perfect garden through the whole process, from consultation to planting.

Off the Shelf Design

Choose from a range of themes such as cottage garden, contemporary, tropical, wildlife friendly or many others.  We'll meet to discuss your requirements and present you with a selection of themes that will suit your garden, lifestyle and budget.

Garden Maintenance

We all lead busy lives and sometimes need help to keep our gardens looking their best.  From seasonal tidy-ups or replanting to regular care and maintenance, we will help you get the most out of your garden.

Edible Gardens

Nothing tastes better than homegrown fruit and vegetables; freshly picked and eaten within hours.  If food is important to you why not start to grow your own?  From a small vegetable bed to a totally edible garden or a beautiful and productive mixture of edible and ornamental planting, our edible gardens service is here to help.

Family Gardens

Your garden should offer something special for all the members of your family!  Creating a garden that works for everyone and that can stand up to the rigours of family life can be a challenge. Let us help you make your space work for everyone.

Wildlife Gardens

We're passionate about creating gardens that meet the needs of both people and wildlife.  By introducing wildlife friendly plants and habitats' your garden can come to life with bees, butterflies and other welcome visitors.  This not only brings added interest and beauty to your garden but also makes a real difference to the local environment.

Curb-Appeal Package

Did you know that having an attractive garden helps to sell your home?  First impressions count and your front garden is the first "room" prospective buyers will see.  We can make it inviting and attractive to help get more buyers through the door. 

Seasonal Spruce-Up

Want to start the year properly with a garden ready to grow?  Need to tame and tidy ready for winter? Let us do the hard work for you!  

Beer Gardens

Especially created for hospitality businesses that want to maximise their outdoor spaces to attract customers or encourage them to stick around longer. We can create themed cider, beer and gin gardens, or just plant a high impact, low maintenance scheme that will look after itself.  Let us help you put the "garden" into beer garden! 

Sensory Gardens

Sensory gardens are special places that use colour, texture, scent and sound to enrich their visitors.  They can be particularly beneficial for people with impairments or disabilities that need their gardens tailored to their specific needs.  We're committed to making gardens a joyful and life-enhancing experience for everyone.  Let us work with you to develop your perfect sensory garden.

New Home New Garden Consultation

Have you inherited an established garden with your new home?  Would you like to learn about the plants and shrubs you have and how to look after them? Do you need some tips and ideas to get you started or just want to find out what you've already got?  We offer a 2 hour consultation visit to start you off on the right track.  Or if you'd like a more in-depth service, we can complete a full site survey with a bespoke "What to do when" guide to your new garden.

Garden Mentor / Garden Buddy

Want to become a better gardener? Would you like to build up your skills, knowledge and confidence by working alongside an experienced gardener?  Your Garden Mentor will visit your garden regularly, working alongside you to help you develop your skills through practical experience and with added phone or email support.

Our Garden Buddy service is for those gardeners who still want to maintain their own garden but could use a little extrahelp.